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Nukala Niharika Skating Journey and Achievements from 2018 to 2023 :

Niharika started skating at the age of five with her passion for skating. Niharika, who entered the world of competitive skating in 2018, reached a high level by showing her dedication, perseverance and talent in the field of sports. In the last five years i.e. from 2018 to 2023, it has proved that dreams can come true with unwavering determination and unprecedented success and recognition at the district, state and national levels.

She honed her skills perfecting every move and technique, taking her first steps in the graceful gliding spirit of skaters at a local rink under the guidance of a dedicated coach. By 2023, Niharika has demonstrated immense potential by winning several medals in regional and national competitions.

It stands as a testament to what anyone can achieve with passion, perseverance and talent. National recognition is achieved through regional achievements. And looking forward to international success. As Niharika continues to break and break new barriers in the world of skating, she serves as a beacon of hope for all her fellow athletes, proving that with determination and dedication, the impossible is indeed possible.


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Request for Sponsorship – Supporting Our Baby participation in National and International competitions for gaining recognition.

“I’m Nukala Mohan Krishna and I’m writing to ask for your support in promoting the talents of our baby, Nuakala Niharika. She has exceptional potential and we believe your sponsorship can help her succeed in international competitions. Please visit our site for more information on her achievements and passion. Thank you for considering our request.”

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